Private car rental with driver in Egypt

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Private Car Rental With Driver In Egypt

 Sphinx Limousine is a limousine company based in Cairo – Giza – Egypt. We offer you to rent a luxury car | A family of 4-8 people or a very comfortable sedan with a professional and experienced driver.
We are a provider of car rental at the best prices in Giza, Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada and all over Egypt with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Egyptian tourism and tourist transportation. All drivers have safe driving permits from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.
Your professional chauffeur will assist you throughout the duration of your chauffeur-drive car rental in order to make your holiday as enjoyable as possible. Whether professional or personal, he will advise you, help you make your day better and will always be at your service and at your disposal (advice of all kinds: restaurant reservations, shop searches, etc.).
You can count on our high quality services and full commitment to the deadlines for your holiday in Egypt will guide you and help you to improve your day as much as possible.
When you rent a car with a driver, you will be relieved from the misery of driving in Egypt, where the crowds are crowded in most parts of the city
We have cars with driver (only modern) (tourist)

Sphinx limousine

Additional Sphinx Limousine services for Egyptian guests

Deportation and reception from the airports of the Republic
Receiving representative service from airports and finalizing procedures
A private tour guide holds a license from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism
Rent a car with driver to Alexandria
Luxurious dinner reservation on Nile Cruise

Looking for a limousine company in Egypt characterized by its best prices, his quality of service and his professional driver


Tourism in Egypt

Egypt, the mother of the world, is a destination for tourists from all over the world, which includes many unique tourist and historical attractions, as well as archaeological wonders and treasures, which have long been the hallmark of Egypt, as many tourists accept the visit to discover the pyramids and the Sphinx, in addition to the remains of the ancient Egyptian civilization, which reflects

Tourism in Egypt is famous for being the home of ancient civilization, its art, and temples, and it is also a distinctive destination among lovers of enjoying picturesque beaches, in addition to ancient temples and handicrafts. There is also a lot for each city in Egypt has its own charm that you can discover through its history, culture and various activities.

Egypt is the vibrant heart of the Arab world, covered in beauty, full of warmth, and full of sanctity. It is a world historical archive with all the meanings of this word, it is the one on its land that civilizations have emerged, it is the one that everyone competes for its love and richness, it is the capital of art and life, and the capital of culture, science and religion.

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